I’m originally from Iowa where my parents raised me to have very high morals, standards, and values throughout my life.

My entry into the sport of Bodybuilding began during my senior year of high school where I wrestled at a weight of 145lbs. After I graduated though, I went to the Community College where I lived and used that gym daily, in conjunction with protein/creatine supplements, to start making dramatic improvements in my physique. I also started to eat more… a lot more.

Fortunately, I either had really good genes or a great workout ethic because my body slowly changed. In fact, within a year, I was up to 160lbs of solid muscle and my friends and peers were actually beginning to accuse me of using steroids…but I wasn’t, of course!

In fact, I didn’t have the money, knowledge, or inclination to ever use drugs.

As a result of the naysayers though, I felt obligated to show them that I was completely clean…and I wanted to find the strictest testing organization to compete in: The North America Natural Bodybuilding Federation (

I immediately joined and couldn’t have been happier to do so. Prior to every competition, to ensure that we’re completely clean, we have to take a urinalysis and a polygraph test twice by a trained cop or professional. As you can tell, it’s very, very strict.

So, at the ripe old age of 19, I entered into the Teen Class and Novice of the NANBF. I ended up winning the Teen, Novice, and Overall Novice! I was even told by other competitors in the back that I had a knack for the sport and to pursue it further.

As a result, there was yet another competition 2 weeks later that I decided to enter…and I ended up again winning the Teen Division! I was on a role!!

Then, my big day came around…I competed on May 20th, 2006 at the Iowa show (having just turned 20 years old less than a month earlier)…and that’s the date that I’ll never forget.

I went up onstage to compete against people who weighed upwards of 230 pounds…and, in some instances, were even in their mid thirties…yet I still beat them handily!

So, weighing in at barely 170lbs and at the tender ago of 20, I actually won my pro card!!

I had done what the naysayers had told me was impossible–but I always knew was possible…naturally.

As a result, I graduated into the WNBF and became a Natural Pro Bodybuilder for that prestigious world-renowned organization.

That made me The Youngest Natural Pro Bodybuilder in the USA!!

Afterwards, I moved to California and became a well-known star of the mega-hit CBS primetime reality series, Big Brother (which I now call “my second home”).

By the way, I also now hold the record for the most appearances on that program in the history of the show.

Then I decided to return to the Bodybuilding world and was ecstatic when I became Mr. Natural Iowa 2008.

I was on yet another roll!

Then, in early 2009, having accomplished my dream of becoming a Pro Bodybuilder, I decided to change my focus and pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a Pro Wrestler.

As a result, I moved to Florida and was trained in FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling, the training division of the WWE).

Once I left there, I headlined a television show called WFX Overload…which is a national pro wrestling program emanating out of Canada and appearing throughout the US on the America One Sports Cable Network.

When that happened, I also officially became a Pro Wrestler (while I was still just 23 years old)!

That’s when I officially became The Youngest 2 Sport Pro Athlete EVER!

After that point, I signed with SPIKE TV’s mega hit primetime series IMPACT WRESTLING!

I then started training at the prestigious Team 3D Wrestling Academy in Kissimmee, Florida in anticipation for my IMPACT WRESTLING debut.

Then in December of 2011, I was moved over to the world-renowned Ohio Valley Wrestling School (OVW) in Louisville, Kentucky to become the inaugural member of IMPACT WRESTLING’S developmental division.

This is all in preparation for my debut on SPIKE TV.

Also, in January of 2012, I won The OVW Southern Tag Team Championships with Marcus Anthony of The Mascagni Family. It’s yet ANOTHER incredible honor. I have since won it FOUR MORE TIMES (first with The Freak Rob Terry and the next three times with Rudy Switchblade of The Family¬Ě). It’s a NEW RECORD IN THE HISTORY OF OVW. I captured the title FIVE TIMES in less than seven months!! I can’t believe this is my life!

I think I owe a lot of my success to my nickname (my wrestling moniker, if you will):

Mr. PEC-Tacular

Once I took that name on, it became a HUGE hit with fans all around the world!

The name Mr. PEC-Tacular has truly opened up a ton of doors for me in the television industry.

Another thing that always makes me stand out from the crowd is that I’ve named by approx. 20″ Gunz, “Continuously” & “Awesome”.

That way, when I do a double bicep pose, fans open up their mouths wide in astonishment and say, “WOW, NOW THAT’S CONTINUOUSLY AWESOME”!!

Of late, the sky’s the limit:

1. I debuted on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING at the Bound For Glory PPV in October of 2012 as Hollywood’s Hottest Superstar with TNA KNOCKOUT TARA

2. I then teamed up with TNA SUPERSTAR Robbie E to form THE BROMANS and we proceeded to win the SPIKE TV IMPACT WRESTLING World Tag Team Championship TWICE.

2a. Beginning January of 2015, IMPACT WRESTLING switched to Destination America and I now appear weekly on “Destination America’s IMPACT WRESTLING”!

3. I also became a permanent member of THE SPIN CYCLE (Hosted by the The One & Only Jeremy Borash) on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING’s HUGELY POPULAR HIT Television show in the UK entitled, XPLOSION

4. I’ve made numerous Surprise Appearances on CBS’ Big Brother (my first family) and I now hold the record for having the most consecutive annual appearances of any Reality Show Star on any primetime network competition show in TELEVISION HISTORY (5)

5. I was also named CBS Social Media Ambassador to discuss CBS’ Big Brother

6. I was named Co-Host of ESPN’s new College Arm Wrestling Series, CAWL To Arms (and appeared on ESPN’s SPORTS NATION to promote the debut)

7. I also was cast to play Leading Man Dylan Buckwald on the Emmy-Nominated Series, TAINTED DREAMS

8. I’ve been featured on TMZ and TMZ SPORTS nearly A DOZEN TIMES (including 3x in just the last month!)

9. I’ve also been featured in THE BEST Magazines in the world numerous times: Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, Fitness Rx For Men, PLANET MUSCLE & Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI)…among MANY others

10. I have out a Best-Selling Fitness DVD entitled,

The Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz Arm & Chest Workout DVD.


I’m so excited to bring all of my fans along for this PEC-Tacular ride of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

As us BroMans say…BOOM!!! THAT’S TIGHT!!!

Please check out my latest accomplishments.