July 17th, 2013

Okay, so much to report…where do I begin? Where do I begin?

First off, I just want to send a VERY, VERY special thank you to one of my BEST BUDS in the world, Bart Hook, for creating and updating this PEC-Tacular, PHENOMENAL website!!!

He’s been my BRILLIANT webmaster for many years now and he has truly created a masterpiece with this site. To have one done, please contact Bart directly and he may be able to create one ALMOST as good for you!!! 🙂

You can reach my buddy right here (tell him Mr. PEC-Tacular sent ya):

Next, as always, I just want to thank EVERYONE at CBS’ Big Brother for making EVERYTHING possible in my life…and for giving me a career that I cherish and enjoy more than anything in this world!!

CBS’ Big Brother has singlehandedly changed EVERYTHING for me…and I will FOREVER be indebted to everyone on the show.

They will ALWAYS be my first family. And I will never be able to repay them for all of the happiness and success I’ve enjoyed as a direct result from appearing on the series. I love everyone on the show.

And, don’t forget, thanks to CBS’ Big Brother, I am SOOOOOOOOOO proud and SOOOOOOOOO stoked to now hold the OFFICIAL RECORD for having the most consecutive annual appearances of ANY Reality Show Star on ANY Network Primetime Reality Competition Show IN HISTORY…FIVE!

As I do in each of my blogs, I just want to send a few quick shout-outs to some specific people from Big Brother in particular who mean EVERYTHING to me:

Chris Roach (MY PEC-TACULAR BUD FOR LIFE…Big Brother’s Man, Myth & Legend, and my Closest Bro!)

Rich Meehan

Allison Grodner

Robyn Kass

Chris DeJoseph

Bonnie Clark

John De Mol

Shawn Laws

Curtis Colden

Jerry D’Alessandro

Don Wollman

Dan Sameha

Jim Tanker

and Julie Chen (of course!)

For more info on Big Brother this season, check out:

By the way, yes, I am 100% on Team Elissa this season!!!

I also like Helen & Amanda.

And, to see pictures of me as Jessie Claus on CBS’ Big Brother from last September, you can check them out EXCLUSIVELY right here at

Next, as you know by now from my Twitter & Facebook posts, you can catch me on Thursday Nights as a member of THE BRO MANS (with Robbie E) on SPIKE TV’s IMPACT Wrestling at 9/8c.

I am absolutely HONORED and PRIVILEGED to be a member of the prestigious TNA IMPACT Wrestling roster.

Along with CBS’ Big Brother, SPIKE TV’S IMPACT Wrestling is truly my other family.

Check out my IMPACT Wrestling Roster Page for more info here:

And you can also see some of my latest IMPACT Wrestling appearances right here:

When I first joined the IMPACT roster, I was initially paired up with TARA (Lisa Marie Varon) and that was a dream come true for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to be paired up with. I am absolutely AWED by her talent and she is truly one the best legends this business has ever seen.

And a very close friend.

I am now incredibly fortunate to be paired up with Robbie E in The Bro Mans!

He’s become one of my best friends and I think we also work INCREDIBLY well together.

He is PHENOMENALLY talented and I think we compliment each other better than any two wrestlers in the world today (or EVER for that matter).

He’s a really GREAT Dood.

In fact, as Robbie E likes to say, We ARE The Future of Tag Team Wrestling!

Plus, TMZ, Muscle & Fitness Magazine and FitnessRX For Men Magazine already agree and they have all tweeted about us as of late saying that they’re fans of our team…so we seem to be developing a pretty prestigious fan following!

The best part is, we’re known not just by the wrestling audience but by MAINSTREAM AMERICA as well!! SO COOL!!!!

Watch out world, THE BRO MANS will soon be taking over!!!!!!

I also just want to take a second to thank some of the folks at IMPACT Wrestling who have made this unbelievable dream of mine a reality:

First and foremost…


She is a truly great friend who ALWAYS believed in me…and she encouraged me and helped me out each and every time I needed her…and she’s always there to give me advice and support whenever I ask.

I owe EVERYTHING to her. She always has my back and she’s 100% of the reason I’m in TNA today.

I know how lucky I am to have this opportunity…and I hope to try to continue to make her proud.

I also am eternally indebted to the specific following people from TNA for making my dream of becoming a Pro Wrestler a reality and for always supporting me and helping me out whenever I need anything at all.

I consider them all close friends of mine–and I would do anything for each and every one of them:

Al Snow

John Gaburick

Eric Bischoff

Jason Hervey

Hulk Hogan

Dave Lagana

Matt Conway

Bob Ryder

Bully Ray



Kurt Angle

Cowboy James Storm

Pat Kenney

Rob Terry

EY (Eric Young)

Chavo Guerrero


Serg Salinas

Daisy Marx

Jason Whitehorn

Beth Gebhard

Eric Barnes

Mandy Fuerst (from TRISTAR Trading Cards)

Ross Forman (from TRISTAR Trading Cards)

I hope to be in TNA for my entire career. I’d truly be ECSTATIC if I could stay here forever. I love the organization and the people I work with that much!


For more info on IMPACT Wrestling, go here:

Now, as many of you also know, while on IMPACT Wrestling, I’m also a VERY proud member of the world-renowned OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) organization. In fact, I am the inaugural member of TNA’s PHENOMENAL Developmental Program at OVW!!!

In fact, you can watch me weekly on OVW-TV right here:

We also air on the ION-TV affiliates in Kentucky & Indiana.

I owe so much to so many people at OVW as well but the people who I want to particularly thank for teaching me so much include:

Danny Davis

Frank Miller

Rip Rogers

Nick Dinsmore

And, for all of you beginners out there, check out Nick Dinsmore’s PEC-Tacular wrestling training school at OVW:

Plus, as you know, I hold the WORLD RECORD for winning the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles FIVE times in less than 7 months (with Marcus Anthony, Rob Terry, and Rudy Switchblade).

Yep, I’m THAT good!!!!

Let me also take a minute to HIGHLY recommend Bully Ray & Devon’s Team 3D Academy for all of you aspiring wrestlers out there.

Along with the world-renowned OVW school, the prestigious Team 3D Academy helped teach me all of the skills necessary to succeed in this industry!!!

To check it out for yourself, go here:

In other news, it was announced all over the world recently that I will be starring on the new soap opera/dramedy called TAINTED DREAMS, created by the Supervising Producer of All My Children (and my close friend), Sonia Blangiardo.

We tape the series later this month in the New York / New Jersey area and I can’t wait!

I star alongside Lisa Marie Varon and some very famous actors & actresses from All My Children, One Life To Live, Guiding Light, As The World Turns, Real Housewives and many more.

I play a character named Dylan Buckwald. SOOOOOO STOKEDDDDDD!!!

I just want to thank Sonia from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. I hope to make her proud!!!!

You can check out more info right here:

And here’s more info on the production company producing the series (NYC Brand Productions):

And this info went viral back in March. Check out some of the MAINSTREAM press we received right here:

In addition, I may have another announcement to make about CO-HOSTING a new series for a major sports network set to air next year…but the specifics are still being worked out so please keep checking back here for more details as they become available.


Next, in other news, in case you missed it, here was my Muscle & Fitness Feature Article from a few months back (thanks to one of my BEST BUDS in the world, Muscle & Fitness EDITOR-IN-CHIEF SHAWN PERINE who I owe SOOO much to):

His support means EVERYTHING to me!!

I also want to send a VERY special thank you out to Elizabeth Yun who is in charge of the Muscle & Fitness tweets for all of the INCREDIBLE posts she put out about me on the Muscle & Fitness Twitter handle over the last few months. That was AWESOME!!!

I really, really appreciate it more than you know!

I also want to send a PEC-Tacular THANK YOU out to another close friend of mine, my buddy Fred Richani from

His kind words have meant the world to me. He has also been the liasion in helping my buddies at @SpikeTV and @SpikeSports tweet about my IMPACT Wrestling appearances…so I am truly TREMENDOUSLY grateful for all of his support as well.

He is one of my MAIN DOODS!!!! Check out my interview with him right here:

Plus, if you missed it, a couple of months back, I was also featured in FitnessRX For Men Magazine (thanks to my great bud JOE PIETARO–also from MuscleSport Magazine)!!

Check it out right here:

And he also tweets quite frequently about me as well. That’s SOOOO cool!!

I’d also like to send a special shout-out to the PUBLISHER of Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine Stu Saks and the Editor-in-Chief Frank Krewda. They have done articles on me in the past and I can’t thank them enough for the coverage!!! They’re AWESOME!!!!!!!

Other important close friends who I personally want to thank for their unwavering support and encouragement include:

Eric Broser from Muscle & Fitness Magazine: and Natural Muscle Magazine:


Jeff Everson from Planet Muscle Magazine:

In addition, my latest TRISTAR TNA IMPACT WRESTLING Trading Cards have been released (thanks to the One & Only PHENOMENAL Mandy Fuerst and Ross Forman)!!!

To get your copies today, please go here asap:

It’s yet ANOTHER dream come true!!! Thank you, Mandy & Ross!!!! You know how much this means to me.

I also want to send a special shout-out to my buddies at TMZ:

Harvey Levin, Gary Trock, Ryan Satin & Jarrett Gaeta, in particular, for all of their friendship and support and for all of their coverage of me as well.

I can’t thank you guys enough!!

To see my Celebrity Page on, click here:

I also want to send a shout-out to my buddy Lynn Hoppes from ESPN for his articles on me that got worldwide attention. I can’t thank him enough for these:


Let me also send a special thank you to my sponsors and THEEEE BEST Sports Supplement company in the world:

Anthony Almada, Darcie Edwards, and Justin Yagher from IMAGINutrition and GENr8.

As everyone knows by now, GENr8’s Vitargo S2 is the primary reason why I have a World-Class Physique!!

Vitargo S2 helped me get my 20″ Gunz Continuously & Awesome, my PEC-Tacular PECS, my NECK-Tacular Neck, my Boulder Shoulders, my 8-Pack Rock Hard Abs, and Tree Trunk Thighs.

Pick up Vitargo S2 TODAY (you’ll be SOOOOOOO glad you did):

I also want to send another special shout-out to my buddy Rich Amundson from Dicks Cottons sunglasses.

They are the OFFICIAL shades of The Bro Mans (Robbie E & I from IMPACT Wrestling) and we think they are THEE BEST shades ever created.

To pick-up your pairs today, head on over to this link RIGHT AWAY…and tell them THE BRO MANS sent ya:

Also, to get my Mr. PEC-Tacular entrance music from TNA IMPACT Wrestling, check out my Shop TNA Page right here and pick up your copy today:

Lastly, don’t forget, to get THEE BEST Arm & Chest Workout Video in the biz, click here:

It stars me and Austin Peck (from NBC’s Days Of Our Lives, CBS’ As The World Turns, and ABC’s One Life To Live).

Here’s a quick synopsis of the DVD:

“CBS Big Brother Superstar & SPIKE TV IMPACT Wrestling Pro Wrestler, “Mr. PEC-Tacular” Jessie Godderz, along with NBC Days Of Our Lives, CBS As The World Turns and ABC One Life To Live fan favorite Austin Peck, leads you through a fun, entertaining, incredibly motivating, intense, and easy-to-follow complete core training workout that you just have to see to believe!

During this 2-hour workout, Jessie will show you what he has accomplished by measuring his massive arms while Austin helps make this DVD a simple but effective training tool. Even if you have never worked out before, following Jessie and Austin through this “user-friendly” DVD will put you through a lengthy “boot-camp” style routine that will test your endurance and make your entire body stronger!”

Pick up your copy today!

Okay, that’s it for now…more PEC-Tacular news to come…soon…so keep checking back often!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my PEC-Tacular DOODS out there for joining me on this truly CRAZY, WILD ride of a lifetime…and for making my dreams come true!!!!!!!!!

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