EXTRA EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT: I HAVE PEC-TACULAR BREAKING NEWS TO REPORT…OF MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS: Make sure to tune to CBS tomorrow night (Sunday, September 4th) at 8:00pm when I make a surprise visit to the Big Brother house!!!

September 3rd, 2011

Find out all of the details here:

SUNDAY: IMPACT WRESTLING’s Jessie Godderz On “Big Brother” On CBS



CBS’ Big Brother & SPIKE TV’s IMPACT Wrestling are both near and dear to my heart…and they’re truly a part of my family.

I love those folks more than anything in the world…and I can’t thank them enough for this opportunity.

In particular, I want to thank the following folks from CBS’ Big Brother who all made this possible:

Chris Roach (MY PEC-TACULAR BUD FOR LIFE…He Truly is Big Brother’s Man, Myth & Legend, and my Closest Bro!)

Rich Meehan

Allison Grodner

Robyn Kass

Shawn Laws

Don Wollman

Jerry D’Alessandro

Michael O’Sullivan

Curtis Colden

Elizabeth Cho

Mitch Graham

Sienna Sanders

and Julie Chen (of course!)

I also want to thank Dixie Carter from IMPACT Wrestling from the bottom of my heart for how much she truly changed my life.

Dixie and Chris Roach, in particular, are THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Best of the best, PEOPLE!!

They truly broke the mold when they made those two folks.

I don’t know where I’d be without either of them. They’re PEC-Tacular friends who care about me tremendously and have looked out for me and my well-being for years. They mean more to me than I can put into words!

Their help, advice and guidance has been invaluable. Like more valuable than I can put into words. Like they haven’t made words in the English language to describe how valuable it’s been!

I can’t thank Chris and Dixie enough!!

Other IMPACT Wrestling folks who I love like family and who I owe so much to include:

Bill Banks

Bruce Prichard


Bully Ray

Vince Russo


Rob Terry

Serg Salinas

Chris Thomas

Adam McKeown

Larry Daniels

Greg Blankenship

They’re all EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!

Okay, back-to-business…

Tune in tomorrow night at 8 on CBS for one of my most PEC-Tacular Big Brother appearances EVER!!

Moving On…

I’m also VERY happy to report that my latest Arm & Chest Workout DVD co-starring Daytime Soap Opera Superstar Austin Peck from ABC’s One Life To Live, NBC’s Days Of Our Lives and CBS’ As The World Turns is now available once again!

Want to get stronger, healthier, lose weight, and generally have more energy throughout the day?

Then, have I got the ABS-solutely PERFECT DVD for you!!

Watch as Austin and I take you through a nearly 2 hour strength and endurance core workout, the likes of which you have to see to believe.

Please click on the following two links for all of the details:



CBS Big Brother Superstar Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz’ Arm & Chest Workout Promo

Okay, I have to go now. My 20″ Gunz, you know, “Continuously” and “Awesome”, need a snack so I’ve got to go take care of them before they get cranky. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?!!

Please keep checking back often for all of the latest, EXCLUSIVE PEC-Tacular news…

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